Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Finally an update.....
It's been hot and fabulous weather here in Europe... Getting out of control busy full of travelers everywhere for the major summer months!!
Trending is always at the beach with bikini clad girls everywhere! But it's not like oz with the bikinis here....anything goes and especially with so many back packers fashion trends is hard to keep up! But in bikinis h&m a travelers staple store lets your have some fun for affordable price
I love these cute red pair!!!!
Since its been so hot I'm missing wearing pants! These amaze gold pants are soooooo lust worthy! I wonder if theyll still be round for the colder months!
And missing out on the new trending ankle boots with Peek a boo cut out and all kinds of embellishments is sad!!!!
But anyways!!!! Im still loving neon and the neon green tube skirt, a summer staple for any euro summer! Is a must I saw one yesterday!!! Must purchase!!!
Missing the Lara bingle show for some outfit inspiration.... Still looking amazing!
Enjoy the update.....
Next fashion challenge, a different outfit everyday for 20 days here, different combos, same set of clothes :-) eeeekkkk
Stay tuned xxxxx moniQue

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update is one day away!!!

Hey y'all!!!!
Or ola!!!!
I've been a euro trash star so I am about to do some crazy time uploading arriving in the screens in a day or so! How overdue! But it's a comin'!!!! Love you all