Saturday, December 29, 2012

house and home

all things pretty for your house and home.... then i just started craving the delish burger at Gordon Ramsays restaurant! arghhhhh yumm! too good i want one so bad! yum!!!!! im really hungry also!!!! i want a good aussie avo! havent had a good one here yet! come on london! ooooo! cant wait for the weekend 

Vb 3330_Foxtrot Oscar _food _08

Friday, December 28, 2012

sale shop

im not sure whether i should brave the crazy sales still in london, but if i do i will def be getting me some kind of fur its been too long since i said i was going to get one!
i love the used candle for my make up brushes def gonna do that ! and def want me some sparkly pants! and i need a military jacket with some sparkles!

im loving my new chrissy gifts my neon beanie and scaft to work together!

pics from they all hate us, circa now, lspbh

Thursday, December 27, 2012

getting cray

whata  great gift! my older sis! knows what i wanted and i didnt even slip any hints! props to her! ive already read the first section and im loving Grace! she has the dream job and the best attitude! loves! 

this is too amaze....a beautiful angle bun hair piece!

i know its the silyy so excited and pumped for NYE in london! Even though i dont even know where i am going yet! whopps!!!!! gotta get that done! 
I love this floral headband, its asos and im just gonna have to get it i cant find anything like this in London! madness! Ima lso loving the sport chic i can see myself getting into here, its so cool and wintery weather makes you want to just slouch around in some trackies and pimped out trainers! i also love this fab grey jumper made out of sweat fabric! its to diae! 
i am also digging some serious vintage olsen twin style! circa 2008, i used to use them as my daily inspro and im starting it up again efforts cool with black all about their outfits. 

and i love the work boot rubber soles of these senso boots, ive got a heeled pair form jessica simpsons range (sounds like they would be a disaster but her range of shoes is actually really classy and chic! i love them) 
Enjoy these pics..... im getting back into the blogging for the new year! its been too long and ive missed it so! 

pics from asos, senso, bcbg, olsen anonymous 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Needs needs I need!!

Just loving all these things and I NEED them now or soon or in a week!!!
And my beautiful little bubba Zoe.... I'm needing a little cuddle but I'm too far away!!! Just loving the start of summer and end of spring in Oz so all things cute and small are all around!
For the bikini I'll just dream!!!

Oh and my little blogger friend has a sneak guest appearance!!! Loves it!!! Best legs!!! Check her blawg out the dinning list