Monday, April 30, 2012

mondays are ....

Mondays are ......Fun days....? not really, was at the airport this morning dropping off my bf! How sad! Then at work stuck behind the desk pondering about the next 4 weeks and what needs to be done....then i came across this pic of VS model – elise......
Hmmm perhaps i need to pick my game up and start looking a lot like this. But she does look so fab, well this was not my first thought, it was F#@K U then i thought well i do remember she was looking dire thin a little while ago im glad she’s put on a few KG’s and has this amazing athletic and lean figure now! A trend we are seeing across the globe, the kate moss’s of the time are out for this seasons shows, let’s see what happens at aussie fashion week. You can defiantly notice in models faces ive seen from Romance was born...but we will see
In other news ...what a beautiful home office set up and just some other stuff..... enjoy xx

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So I hit the UK in less the 4 weeks time! Couldn’t be more excited to have the beautiful euro summer at my finger tips! Especially since this weather has been getting icey....
Just looking round for some buys I can get my hands on when I arrive. I found just a cute 3 items that I just can’t go past, affordable, chic and sooo on trend at the one and only h&m! Love them!
The cute shorts, sooooo Versace I love these for the nights out in club just casual and special enough to be paired with all kind of basic tanks love. but of course they are also perfect for the beach with a bikini and wonderign the winding roads and just great for nights out in the heated clubs and bars!
The cute bracelet to be worn all summer perhaps, neon with a bit of bling! and the price... Cannot be beat!

And these too cute drop waist dresses in watermelon colours!  I love them...but I think I have to try these babies on before I go too mad on them, I’m not sure I can pull off the drop waist trend! But I’ll do anything to give them a go!

pics from H&M


Keep your eyes peeled and stay in tune with the shows and trends hitting the runways and red carpets at Mercedes Benz fashion week. Spot your fav designers shows on the schedule and follows all of us bloggers, no doubt we will be giving you the most up to date and talked about shows
Up 1st was romance was born and miss lara bingle was there of course, and she must have been reading style2 last night when deciding her outfit, a leather pleated mini! Go lara on the trending....!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


loving these combos...the denim shirt with the leather pleated mini.....lusting!!!!! now
stayed tuned to for more on the leather pleated trending now!

Friday, April 27, 2012

top 3

this week my top 3 are...
1/ YSL ring of course... I wonder if I can find a look a like

found one....  Knuckle Gold Finger Ring-Coral $30.00

2/ neon knit/ throw over, just something light that can be paired in between the seasons and in on trend! looking fab with a mini, trackies or jeans! love this one its amazing, i beleive it from Top Shop

3/ these lace up boots, I’ve seen a few around in some stores. but can you believe the amazing prints and styles by the one and only Jeffery Campbell he is on another level! wow! The shoe is called LITA
But don’t worry ive found knock off at amazing Rubi shoes (Cotton On) get in quick as they are on the shelves NOW!


right now im after this ring...immediately please! YSL
its everywhere all over everyones blogs!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the afternoon

i love these shoes and her!!!!! i loved her in secret diary of a call girl! which has also started again yay! its been a long time! on Arena, foxtel.

Ahhh ive been stalkign LC or aka Lauren Conrad again, i had a minor major obession while Laguna Beach/ The hills/ The City was on a few years ago....and yesterday i watched about 6 or so episodes of the Hills and tought id jump online and check her out. she has been a bit busy it seems a new book, a dip end of fuscia pink hair and of course her styling clothes and blog/ website updates! i do love her so! and of course i was in love with the outfit she wore to coachella!
her book!!! we must all get it!

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