Sunday, May 26, 2013

Style icon

Ever since watching and getting addicted to the show Kimora: House of Fab, I have started lusting over Kimora Lee Simmonds new style. She used to be all flashing ‘fabulosity’ diamante style which I appreciated but I would never go to her for style inspiration. She now is my go to style ion, for her look of hells, jeans & a blazer is something that is so easy to do. However, she always puts some Fab into her looks, her jeans are either printed, and her blazer is a pop of colour and she is a stand out, this could also be because of her towering never ending legs. But I really do love her looks; I also love her dresses and skirt and t-shirt combos she has recently been wearing. Loving her style, she is my current style icon...! Fabulsosity