Wednesday, June 12, 2013


in this perfect summer English weather this is the perfect jacket/ dress/ throw over/ rain protector etc etc 

beautiful new lingerie sets from Primark just dropped £5!!

will wearing a statement sunglasses this summer be a lusting must..... im still undecided, i have some that are just a bit much palm trees and sun faces eeek! no good. 

the ultimate summer top, wear with denim jeans or short, over bikinis by the beach, throw on over a mini....LUSTING!!! and its in Primark's latest drop  

pastels for all! love these 3 looks, so chic and edgy even in such a girlie colour, love the styling and the item, i'm not a girlie dresser at all and would usually shy away from pastel besides painting my nails the colour, but i just love these looks!!! so fresh!!!! 

cant wait to enjoy some latest summer buys

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