Tuesday, March 6, 2012

collar you day

Wear a collar.....
Add a collar with any outfit; it’s no longer just the 'preppy' look that benefits from a collar addition
I’m currently always wearing a collared chiffon top, long sleeved, no sleeved, multi coloured, spotty, leopard print, long lengths, short at the front and sweeping long at the back…I serious can’t get enough and didn’t realise how many I actually owned until I was doing this post…..Note to self: stop buying them you have enough

Check out the portable collars you can add to any outfit, girlie, hard, metal, Goth, sweet, lace, sequined...... And loads of DIY website to make your own portable collar, keep one in your glove box for emergency’s hehe cuteeee! ;-)

Pics from who what wear, American apparel