Friday, March 9, 2012

skullys and crosses ... ahhh goth chic

All things skull and crosses are just to lust over, they are so cool I just get so excited every time I see anything with a cool cross or skull on it, well my friend Amz loves a good skully
They’re just enough Goth to edge out any outfit, especially if you’re feeling a little too girlie and want to look a little bit grunge Goth but of course pretty... I love, I diae.

Crosses...the medieval grunge Goth type are just all about me, I love them... I have to say though I don’t have many clothing items with a cross printed of embellished on them, I just have loads loads and loads of cross necklaces, and rings through in a few bags and I’m all crossed out! I have one more accessory I want t to get though a cute small medieval cross on my wrist, a tatt! Should I??? I don’t know but I think I might ... sorry mum! -- and no im not really religious that’s why I say medieval cross ;-)

is this a lizard it kind looks like a cross heheh

PS everywhere I look all I see are skull candles around the place in stores.... these are tres cool and I love...however I don’t think I could ever burn my little skull away