Monday, April 30, 2012


So I hit the UK in less the 4 weeks time! Couldn’t be more excited to have the beautiful euro summer at my finger tips! Especially since this weather has been getting icey....
Just looking round for some buys I can get my hands on when I arrive. I found just a cute 3 items that I just can’t go past, affordable, chic and sooo on trend at the one and only h&m! Love them!
The cute shorts, sooooo Versace I love these for the nights out in club just casual and special enough to be paired with all kind of basic tanks love. but of course they are also perfect for the beach with a bikini and wonderign the winding roads and just great for nights out in the heated clubs and bars!
The cute bracelet to be worn all summer perhaps, neon with a bit of bling! and the price... Cannot be beat!

And these too cute drop waist dresses in watermelon colours!  I love them...but I think I have to try these babies on before I go too mad on them, I’m not sure I can pull off the drop waist trend! But I’ll do anything to give them a go!

pics from H&M