Monday, April 23, 2012

B & W

In my previous post I really am lusting over that Zara jacket, the black and white floral mixed through with the grey shading is really something  love. I think this trend is a modified twist n the bright floral we have been seeing from around the globe. But considering the rest of the word is in another season…spring and we are getting ready for the cooler months. I think this beautiful print of floral with the muted black and white shades is the top hit for us Aussies! We can embrace the trend but perhaps not stand out f the crowd with such big and bright printed floral…even though I do love a good stand out print
I love the softness but edginess of the print, in all shapes and sizes; I want to embrace the black and white floral
It really is everywhere if you just have a closer look J

And I think this pattern would just be oh so lifted with this gorgeous coloured bag or accessory.... and ye is know its mint, didn’t I blog about this already...but I because I love it too much!