Tuesday, April 17, 2012

style profile

Louise Roe...

 is an English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist. I just love her fresh face and her smile makes all her outfits pop! She really knows how to dress, and always has the 'I just jumped out of bed and chucked this on' look, but a bit polished. When she goes to event she always looks fab, hair and makeup perfectly paired with her outfit and she is never over styled ever! That is probably my favorite thing about her! A perfect addition to the style 2 style profiles this week!

too cool here, i love this outfit, i especially love the shoes and the top

again i love this outfit, its so fun and boho chic!

love this dress, so my style i gotta get a look a like

a mix of items, and they just work on her, she can pull off many different styles

red carpet ready and stunning, looking fresh and fun, i really really love the shoe. Always just perfectly styled, the look just comes together so well!

young and fun, all shades of navy with the perfect trend matched tan soft blazer

effortless and cool

i think this one is my favourite outfit !

great look, i like the tanned leather shorts too!

she looks really beautiful here