Friday, April 13, 2012

top 3

this week I haven’t been looking around as much and the stores are to be honest boring me a bit
boo hoo...what are you doing to me Melbourne!!!! but I’ve found some lust have which aren’t really for the upcoming season...but we have been havign some beaut weather lately so I though these would do

I have no idea where this is from. a beautiful colour mint... so amazing and also on trend! I think this peplum skirt is so on trend also and I really think this piece can be worn through the seasons all the way till spring! I mean you could pair it with white tights and a white or another pastel colour turtle neck and jacket... its office chic and also would get a few looks up and down out on the town! I really love it!!!!!! how will I find this item!!! perhaps overseas! I need to get researching! I love peplum... and I want more of us gals to embrace it!

these are sahhhhh cool! so chic! I know very bright but they are so nice! I think they would pair so well with some paten brogues! and also just black and this hot pink always looks sharp! I feel you can be really fun with these pants style them up or down, corporate or casual, glamorous or un kept
just a lot of fun and really I love the fabric it makes them look so luxurious! these pants are from Cameo

the sunnies... I love cat eye sunnies. I bought a pair about a year or so ago when I was in Purto reco in the amazing huge shopping mall there! and they were from forever 21...I get so many compliments on them and they costs me seriously $6!!! not a lie! but the cheapness is starting to shoe they are a black and white tortoiseshell colour and the paint finish is now wearing at the nose area... this always happens to my fab cheap finds! but anyway these Ksubi sunnies are really fab, b/c they are cat eyed but they are actually nice and big. I tired the really nice style like kourtney kardashian wears - to die, in sportsgirls but my head is sooooo big and it looks like a serious joke. if you have a small cute head go and buy those but I will have to stick with these!!!! maybe a gift from any special friends/ lovers of mine heheh! wink wink