Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DAY 1 syd fashion

I’m actually so excited about these shows b/c I’m heading into the season in 4 weeks so I can take some Aussie inspiration to Europe from these shows and take the spring/ summer pieces available and twist them

day one....my picks were MISS UNKON as my overall favorite, I’d wear everything! Check out the looks they are so great and I really loved them all so much! I’m not sold on the hair and makeup but I love the silver arm cuff things whatever they are and the shoes are really basic and lend everything to the outfits. I think you could wear these items with thongs, with sky high heels and glam makeup and sparkles, to the races and to a great day lunch with sandals. New fav designer!

I also loved Whitney Eve, not only b/c I’ve loved her style since the hills, but again every piece was wearable it was very much her style and it is her collection I can see she would be heavily involved with her designs as I could see her wearing everything, and her style mimics all the pieces

great shoes

Then I loved Ginger and Smart I think they did such a fab job, I think it was not too literal of a  reference from the inspiration (this is where I think Camilla went wrong) the styling is amazing and the accessories are so great! I love the shoes! all pieces I believe would wear well on all different sized and shaped figures so it’s all so wearable, and it’s great when a designer does pieces that can be bought and then worn with different styling to look different, you can have some luxury in your life and invest in 1 designer piece, I think that is was fashion is about! So I loved these 3 designers and I enjoyed most of the runways!

some more from the rest of day 1...enjoy


Dylan Cooper - So wearable, keep eyes peeled for racewear! loved the make up

Gary Bigeni -
Loved the cohesiveness of the collection

Kirrily Johnston - neutrals were beautiful - i think a unique collection and very egyptian-esk, i liked it surprisingly, nice earing used throughout.   

Ksubi - was denim + sport = great street wear. Not my style but i liked it still. also showing lots of double denim! and im feeling a stella mcartney @ adidas vibe. menswear also a star showing!

Lisa Maree - unexpected and loved it! the swimwear i wasnt a major fan but her clothing was so romantic and was so beautiful, i love the jumpsuit 

Manning Cartell- great prints, great styling, using that beautiful black and white soft floral as mentioned a few posts ago, its dreamy and lush. hard cuts to pull off though, must try on and get a second opinion in the chaging rooms 

Gail Sorronda - I love that green she has used through out the collection its deep and beautiful. I was not a fan of the make up though, it felt too clowny (i dont like clowns much)

Romance was Born - was out there with a pop art and comic feel!
props for shock value! Hair and make-up were on watch for sure

Aurelio Costarella - Really stunning for evenings, gowns are to die!

pics from maree clair & vouge