Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DAY 2 syd fashion

DAY 2.... Excited about 2 great designers who I think have this season trends a home run for their brand already Talulah & Zimmerman. They love floral and flirty dressing, pastels are always in use. Looking forward and expecting big things from their shows....

my pick of the day - it’s almost bias by me but I just loved so much the MATICEVSKI show. Just loved every single thing. I love structure and texture it’s how I dress, but I feel awkward in girlie pieces and somehow the show paired them together so perfectly! I just love it! I really think it matches my style wish lists! Its romantically and strong, a mix I think is hard to get right! So that is by far my favorite pick of the day!

Zimmerman was expected to be great with floral, but it was almost too expected for me! I have to say how sad...I wanted more. I loved the fine mesh though and thought the larger mesh/ holey fabric was also interesting.

Flowers for a vagabond - blacks were somber and dark, then the pop of colour was great, I loved the pink dress with mini pleating and layers looked like an art piece. Also adding of texture was new and different

Talulah - I loved all the models they were all stunning and had a fuller figure, you could just see they looked so much healthier and I felt like I could wear what they wore they all didn’t have stick thin legs and looked really sexy! I was in love with the casting! I liked the collection and think it will be great in any boutique and sell really well and are just all good pieces to have, but I wasn’t excited about anything majorly, but i'd have a lot of pieces!~

Cut of this dress is so too cute (above & below)

Michael Lo Sordo - I love the jacket with the leather arms, really nice. The collection was flirty and sophisticated. and i love the silver details

Toi Et Moi Sydney - like the dusty orange, and the collection showed the variance between taking the collection from day wear to night time special I liked that, wearable and the neck chokers with the purple and orange reminded me of the 'supermodel' era, like early 1990's

By Johnny, was very pretty and my 2nd fav for the day, i love peplum so this show def had my votes loved it

love this basic shoe throughout

Magdalena Velevska, loved te neon lip, the collection was almost fish like with the scale looking fabric and tails

Johanna Johnson was a beautiful 1920's feel, with feathers and gold, also with some hints of leather - this gave it a modern twist

Jayson Brunsdon collectionw as also similar to 1920's uber glamourous old fashioned hollywood, very theartrical show

Bowie was beautiful bridal feel to the collection, gowns was billowing and very modern for brides or for special events very special, i love the mermaid look gowns to flatter all figures

PICS from vouge