Friday, May 4, 2012


i really want one of these ear clasps,,,,i found one with an aswome cross on it and i love it....and i cannot believe the price gold old diva $9.95! yes purchasing on saturday!

Loving al shoes that represent a piece of art...literally! anythign goes this season with shoes becoming not just a trend but any shape/ size/ style/ make/ fabric/ plastic/ glass/ wooden goes...its exciting! i love all shoes! shoes for 1 and all ! not sure if ill be purchasing anytime soon as the euro cobble stone doesnt treat the old heels to well..or rather that treat my drunken self tumbling around on the cobble stoen with the heels...but when i get back to a solid footpath im sure ill be grabbing any kind of pair up! keep you posted...and stayed tuned to for a post on shoes as art soon!

lusting over these long locks!!!!! in my top 3 b/c i really am about to change my hair...again...from the darker ombre locks to a lighter darkblonde/ brown very soon...... and i also love a great white T and a cool leather vest - i love the lenght of this one its sport and biker chic!