Friday, May 11, 2012

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I know I know
I’m always choosing a neon-esk piece of jewellery at least 20 times per week sin my posts...I think this is because I haven’t yet bought myself anything neon yet!
Hmmm perhaps I’ll just have to do it this week! I think I’m just waiting to get to London to shop up a quick storm and get some really on trend items! But I think it has to stop so I will vow to buy something in neon this weekend I saw a cool pair of earrings last week at forever new almost exact replicas for some I saw online at net-a-porter! Madness I didn’t purchase them! But any who here is this amazing cuff I have found online, I love it! I love the heard mental edge and neon paired together it’s so chic and looks so fabulous and expensive! But of course you’ve also seen the sass and bide special edition neon star jewellery for make a wish foundation --- amazing and such a good cause! Great job ladies!
Love it

Next 2 items.... well its looks like I’m jumping on a very late band wagon but this Celine bad is really very cool! And since I’m about to travel, this bag is the perfect size for the aeroplane and I just really need a great all purpose black (maybe a diff colours, or fabrics)  bag for an essential item hmmmmm....going away gift anyone?

Feathered dress that Kate Bosworth was wearing
I love feathers most of the times, so I just loved the MET gala seeing so many feather detailing and Kate topped it off with an entire dress of feather I love it so much!!!! Great look, think I’ll bring my feather dress out this weekend.... though when it rains the feathers do get ruined hmmmmm stay tuned (and dont you just die for her styling too)